Preventive Maintenance Cost Comparison

All this is to say…

An ounce of prevention…

and the right level of road funding can

Prevent Michigan Potholes.

Michigan residents understand the importance of staining the deck, putting new shingles on the roof, and getting the oil changed in the family car. It’s all part of protecting their investment. 

Just like your home and car need regular preventive maintenance. Every pothole begins as a crack in the pavement!

Michigan’s roads and bridges are the state’s biggest and most expensive public asset. For decades, MDOT and local road agencies haven’t had the revenue to properly maintain our roads and bridges. The condition of roads has steadily declined.

Just like neglected oil changes lead to costly engine repairs, the cost to repair our roads has gone up. More roads each year are reaching the point where costly rehabilitation and reconstruction are the only option.

In the same way new shingles keep water from doing damage to your roof, Michigan roads need preventive maintenance. Sealing the cracks and adding a new pavement surface can keep a road in good or fair condition, more than doubling the time before the road needs reconstruction. This process is known as pavement preservation. Michigan is a national leader and innovator in pavement preservation and asset management.

Michigan has the recipe to fix our crumbling roads and to prevent future potholes.

MDOT and local road agencies are missing one fundamental ingredient: adequate funding!

It’s like trying to bake chocolate chip cookies with salt instead of sugar. It may look good from the outside, but the outcome doesn’t serve Michigan’s residents or businesses.

As the oil filter commercials of the 1970s clearly depicted….

Pay Now or Pay A Lot More Later!

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