Funding Preservation

Michigan is a national leader in pavement preservation and asset management. So why do we have some of the worst roads in the country?

What is the TAMC?

Learning the ins and outs of how Michigan’s public roads are managed requires getting to know the language used.

The Story of Preserving Michigan Pavements

Understanding how we got where we are today is key to answering the questions.

This website is a tool for Michigan lawmakers and other stakeholders interested in investing in a future where Michigan is known for preventing potholes, instead of a state littered with wheel-breaking potholes and crumbling infrastructure. 

MDOT is a national leader in asset management and pavement preservation. They have one of the most robust preventive maintenance programs in the country. Yet, without a significant increase in revenue, MDOT’s Transportation Asset Management Plan paints a dismal picture of the future.

With full implementation of the 2015 road funding package, “by 2028, Interstate pavements would fall to just 60% good or fair and Non-Interstate NHS condition would fall below 50% good or fair.”

How did the state that built the first mass-produced automobile, the first mile of concrete road, painted centerline and modern traffic light, become known for having the worst roads in the country? This website provides answers to many of the questions most are afraid to ask. 

Michigan’s 148 House and Senate members are faced with a daunting task. For decades, both Republican and Democratic administrations have failed to address crumbling roads. Now the bill is past due and the cost to bring state roads up to even “fair” condition is staggering. Now is the time for a solution! With each year that passes, the cost to improve Michigan’s roads will increase as road conditions get worse and become more expensive to repair. 

It’s time for every Michigan resident to ask, what future do we want for Michigan? 

Michigan should not be known for potholes.
We should be known for preventing them! 

What Future Do You Want For Michigan?

In 2008, Michigan lawmakers were asked this question when the Transportation Funding Task Force (TF2) revealed hard truths about Michigan’s future road conditions.  

“If Michigan’s transportation system is to continue to serve the state adequately, our investment in transportation must increase significantly.” 

The TF2 laid out what Michigan’s future roads and bridges would look like at different funding levels. If lawmakers continued to take zero action the TF2 found that Michigan’s roads would get worse, while the cost to fix them would increase drastically. 

Lansing passed a moderate transportation funding package in 2015, but it was too little, too late. Even with full implementation of the 2015 transportation funding package, road conditions will continue to get worse. 

In 2008, The TF2 concluded their report with good news: “The good news is that there is a way out of the transportation investment crisis.”

Now, Michigan lawmakers are at a crossroads (full of potholes) and must decide what the future of Michigan will look like. 

Imagine a Future…

  • where every tax dollar spent on roads is invested as efficiently as possible. 
  • where we can both “Fix the Damn Roads” AND “Keep Good Roads Good”
  • where instead of patching potholes, we can “Prevent MI Potholes.”