Funding Preservation

Michigan is a national leader in pavement preservation and asset management. So why do we have some of the worst roads in the country?

What is the TAMC?

Learning the ins and outs of how Michigan’s public roads are managed requires getting to know the language used.

The Story of Preserving Michigan Pavements

Understanding how we got where we are today is key to answering the questions.

Senate District 4

What's Happening

The maps above compare road conditions in 2013, when Gov. Snyder proposed a nearly $1.5 billion annual increase in road funding, to 2019 as the Michigan Legislature again looks at how to address the steadily rising cost to fix Michigan roads.

While the 2015 road funding package has allowed for some improvements; roads will continue to fall from good to fair, and from fair to poor, much faster than they can be improved. Why does this matter?

Every $1 spent to keep a road in good condition saves $6 to $14 as the road condition deteriorates and becomes more costly to repair.

Michigan is a national leader in asset management and pavement preservation. Even so, decades of insufficient funding have allowed pavement conditions to deteriorate. The total cost to improve Michigan roads and bridges grows with each passing year. The charts below show the decline in road conditions over time.

Legislators must ask what future they want for Michigan?
Michigan should not be known for potholes, we should be known for preventing them.

Comparison Over Time

Who Represents District 4?

Senator Marshall Bullock

Call: 517-373-7918

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